Synergie Tetra Acid-50 Peel




Tetra Acid 50 Peel + LED $190

Tetra Acid 50 Peel + LED + Hydrating Mask Treatment $250


30 minutes

Synergie Tetra Acid – 50 Peel

A powerful resurfacing peel treatment that combines mandelic, lactic, kojic and malic acids to brighten and even skin tone whilst refining surface texture.Ideal for hyperpigmented, sun damaged, fine lines and problematic skin.


Curated to your individual skin needs, we offer a range of powerful resurfacing chemical peels. Our exclusive Synergie professional peels are designed to accelerate results and fast track improvement in the tone and texture of your skin leaving you with healthy glowing skin. Numerous combinations of peel strengths, layering options and a customisable peel treatment can cater to virtually all skin types and conditions to achieve unparalleled results.

All first time peels will require a consultation and two weeks skin prep on an appopriate serum to safey and efficacy.

Complimentary Consultation with

Every Facial Treatment

All of our skin treatments come with a complimentary 30 minute, detailed skin consultation. After analysis, you will enjoy a customised treatment which may include the face, neck and decolletage in our private and comfortable treatment rooms. Stand-alone consultations are available for $50 per booking, redeemable on treatments within 1 month of the initial consultation.