Our Product Range

 To book your next consultation or treatment at The Villa Dermal Therapies at Bundall on the Gold Coast, please use our online booking system or the contact details below. We are proud stockists of Dermaviduals, Dr Spiller Skincare, Fusion Mesotherapy, Mother SPF, Found My Skin SPF,

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Truedermal LED Light Masks.

Sunescape Tan, PRIN Lymphatic Masks, Alex Cosmetics, &

Bestow Beauty and Simka Supplements. 

What is Dermaviduals?

Dermaviduals is an innovative, corneotherapeutic, skin mimicking range that works with the skins natural structure and physiology. Using the purest medical grade ingredients and cutting-edge scientific research, Dermaviduals not only repairs the integrity of the skin, but is able to deliver actives deep into the skin to modulate cellular activity and improve many skin types and conditions. Dermaviduals, gains its name from the ability to be custom blended and prescribed to each client for their unique skin condition and type.

What is Corneotherapy and why are we different to other skin clinics?
Corneotherapy is a remedial skin treatment methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defense systems. A key principle of Corneotherapy is to “preserve the integrity of the epidermis at all times” (Florence Barrett-Hill). The epidermis is the very outer layer of the skin, often referred to as the dead outer layer of skin cells which is not necessarily correct; our top layer of skin cells is important in providing protection to the underlying skin and acts as a messenger to the cells below. The approach of retaining the integrity of the epidermis ensures the skins defense and immune systems are not stimulated unnecessarily enabling the skin to be repaired and restored to homeostasis.

Dermaviduals Can Be Customised to Treat:
Acne, Congestion + blackheads, Rosacea + diffuse redness, Fine lines + age management, Pigmentation + dullness, Dehydration, Sun damage, Sensitivity + inflammation, Dry, oily, normal types, Oncology patients, pregnancy and hormonal conditions.